...I live in the "Wild Wild South" of China in the Pearl River Delta area. These guys are working in a small town (quarter million people) that's name sounds like "Q Toe" Yesterday this was an overpass style cross walk. Today it is debris. This is a minor construction site since this kind of thing is going on in a massive scale constantly, 24/7. But this pic captures the casual intensity of the Chinese way.


...This little man is bossing this big trike. Just before this shot he was peddling down the street with his sister but I couldn't catch him till he made a u turn and his grand ma snagged him.


...I was riding my motorscooter. This Chinese girl had just gotten off the bus from school. I guess she is waiting for her parents to meet her. Her cute face projects the secure, content "great assumption of a good tomorrow" conviction that is predominant among most Chinese people that I encounter in my area of China. You notice I qualify it as "my area of China" for I live in a unique area. People come from every provience in China to this area to work in one of the 10's of thousands of factories.


...I don't know how this fellow got reigned into this job but he does have a load of baby there!


...This is my Doctor and a good friend. They are both basically happier people than I am. I tend to be more serious minded. I think I value Chinese people in general because of their resiliency and firm belief in a better tomorrow and a fundamental contentment with today. I am proud of both of these people.


...Well... some body has gotta do it! I mean there is a lot of Styrofoam being generated in China. This guy is on the uphill leg of his journey to the recycle center. It is pretty common to see fellows with their trikes carrying every kind of conceivable load. From refrigerators to, family to a big pile of Styrofoam!


...From "can till can't"... from "sun up till sun down"... work, work, work... it is ceaseless, endless, and vast. I mean it... vast. This scene is repeated thousands of times in my area alone. Repeat it in every city in China and you will begin to get perspective on what's happening over here. China is consuming more concrete than any other place in the world. I think that eventually they will move so much concrete from other places in the world that China will be so much heavier than any other spot on the globe that the earth will wobble off its axis and we will have a major geological phenomenon! (oh yes, sometimes the sky is blue.................

and sometimes it isn't..... At dusk the polution haze backs up in Dongguan.


...Its been a long day of looking for a job. They could be in a better mood. She rides on the bike side saddle while he peddals. They may well take turns at the peddling. Physicial work is shared pretty much equally between women and men. There are a lot of strong women in China!

The baloon man cometh... yes, there is a person behind those baloons